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Tugas B. Inggris

Nama : Rachman Affandi
Study : Graphic art 3A

A)Answer the question below referring to the reading text above!
1.      What is the title of reading text above?
2.      How do you knowabout rubber or photopolymer in this printing method?
3.      How many rollers involved in this printing technology?
4.      What is the function of doctor blade in this printing system?
5.      Who is the inventor of that printing technology?

1.      Flexographic printing
2.      Rubber or photopolymer are main material to make plates in flexographic printing method
3.      There are three rollers (a meter roll, a roller with the plate attached, impression roll)
4.      Doctor blade function is scraped ink
5.      Inventor is bibby (1890 in England)

B) Sentence Building
Please describe in descriptive writing the picture below based on the 5W1H question and answer(what,when,where,why,who and how)

WHAT : that is the offset printing methode, offset is a undely use printing, technique, where the image inked and transpired to rubber sheet cylinder and than to the surface to be printed.
WHEN : we use offset printing when we wont print , with small order or high order because if you order just a fiew,you can use sheeted offset printing.but if the order high you can make web  offet
WHERE : the offset machine are placed in a small or big room, dependent on need like a one color, two color or four color.
WHY : we used offset printing because that’s the most stabil printing technique which we can get quick result aand spend a little money.
WHO : is the inventor of the offset printing?
HOW : to make print good?

C. Know ledge of printing process

2. A print shop does an unchanged repeat print of a sheet-fed job several months after the original run, although the same press is used for printing and the same output data are used for imaging, color repduction is different from the original job, name at leats 5 possible causes for the differences in color, what could have changed in the process.
·         Any equipment and respond to color with different languages
·         Any equipmentof different color space
·         Effect to room light
·         Perception of different color each person

3. What information can you determine from the ink acceptance result ? Name three factors that have an effect on ink acceptance?
·         Ink viscosity level ( the viscosity of ink to low or high can effect  to ink flow in the machine)
·         Dampening system unit (this control the acid can make the ink patched to the other place before come to surface printing media
·          Roll control unit (because if the setting of roll unit is to high can make ink cant come to plate cylinder

4. PDF data are very well known for data exchange in graphic industry, name three benefits by using PDF technology ! what is meaning of PDF?
PDF (Portable Data Format) is FORMAT UNIVERSAL and can save image,font dan vector in one file

7.explain briefly the different values you can measure with a densitometer and a spectrophotometer in printing
·         spectrophotometer is an instrument that can measure the absolute value of spectral reflectance (reflectivity) and transmission and color objects
·         densitometer is a device that can measure light levels and the ratio (density) which is reflected by the object

8. Assign  the following products in the left side to the printing process in the right side (multiply answers are possiblefor some products)
Web offset (heat set)
Web offset (cold set)
Can (food)
Art publication
Sheetfed printing
Folded boxes for cosmetics
Gravure / flexographic printing
Sheetfed printing
drink boxes (composite material)
Screen printing
Cigarette boxes
Sheetfed printing
Display boxes
Sheetfed printing
Advertising brochures (flyers)
Sheetfed printing
Advertising insert for magazines
Web offset (cold set)
Shrink label
Screen printing
Spray cans